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Relocation Lifestyles Guide


Embark on a transformative journey as you consider relocating to a place where lifestyle thrives, from the sunny Sunbelt states to the majestic Rocky Mountains. This isn’t just about changing your address; it’s a significant step towards enhancing your health, happiness, and family life. It’s about life enrichment.  

Discover inspiration and expert advice to make a life-altering move that extends beyond the mere confines of a house.

Visualize a life where your environment aligns with your ambitions, bringing you closer to your ideal lifestyle. Our collection of real-life stories, education, articles, and guidance from our own personal nine lifestyle changes certainly benefits those embarking on this often challenging ordeal.  BUT…

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We Educate Buyers Relocating for Lifestyle To Avoid Making Massive Mistakes

Being an Industry Insider for two decades of global lifestyle real estate has provided an opportunity to help our clients even the playing field of knowledge. We have offered incredible guidance for numerous families who’ve taken this step. They felt the same pressures as you are beginning with, although they found joy and satisfaction in new locales that supported their well-being and fortified family ties.

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Choosing to relocate for a better lifestyle means finding places that connect deeply with you. It’s about creating a setting where your family can flourish, health and happiness are fostered, and every day is a chance for personal growth.

Through our informative articles and resources, you’ll learn how a change of scenery can lead to a richer, more dynamic life. Explore how new communities can offer fresh perspectives, the calming and invigorating effects of nature, and how a new home can become the backdrop for your most cherished family moments.

Let our referral services guide and educational materials inspire you toward the opportunities that await. This journey is about transforming your life and embracing a future filled with health, happiness, and memorable family experiences.


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Elevate your lifestyle and future prospects by relocating to a destination that aligns with your dreams and aspirations. With our expertise and a vast, exclusive curated network, gain valuable insights into lifestyle trends, community benefits, and strategic decision-making for your Relocation or Vacation Property. Schedule a call with Andrew Storms’ office BEFORE contacting a real estate agent. This will be a significant step towards a fulfilling, enjoyable future. Trust our guidance and a new way to experience life.

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Our private network of power agents is curated across major luxury brands and boutique agencies classified into different lifestyles, budgets, and property types, playing to their individual strengths.


At Seven Lifestyles, we're revolutionizing the game by putting you, the client, at the center of our universe. With a robust network crafted to serve your unique interests, we ensure that it's not about the agent, the brokerage, or the industry—it's all about what matters to you.

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Your lifestyle and investment require more due diligence and knowledge than relying on an agent to buy a house on a street, on a block, in a nondescript city,

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Seven Lifestyles will safeguard your identity and contact details, giving you the freedom to proceed when ready. At your signal, we'll introduce you to our network agent who will be your trusted guide from start to finish.